Aeronautical Engineering opt out turned 2x entrepreneur. All things learning, EdTech, creativity & design. Teacher, amateur chef, traveller, runner & hiker. Living & working in Hong Kong. Entrepreneur in Residence at Hong Kong School of Creativity.


Things I care about and work on:

  1. Learning: Individual, organisational, institutional or communal.
  2. Food + Cooking: Eat healthy. Sharing. Building communities.
  3. Creativity + Entrepreneurship: Helping individuals find their passion and purpose.
  4. The Future: Our children. Our planet. Our economy. Our technology.

This blog is born out of procrastinating for over 2 years and now I intend to post something (beneficial) every week. My writings will generally focus on education and learning in children; (more often and not) amalgamating into technology, design, culture, politics, psychology, nature and food.

I now increasingly view the world in grey and am a passionate advocate of not teaching (learning) in silos (subjects); well because the world is not black and white and we live on a highly networked mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.



Stalk me on the network of your choice: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram

PS: I may occasionally say smart sounding stuff.

Captured on Sharp Peak (蚺蛇尖: Nam She Tsim), Sai Kung, Hong Kong.

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